How to lead your own SUAW event

IMG_1169Running your own Shut Up and Write event is a great way to gather people together and make time to write! There are a number of ways you can organise your session, the key things to bear in mind:

  1. Choose a venue that everyone can easily find. It can be a table in the library, a spot in a cafe or in an office.
  2. Consider using a timed schedule to organise your session. An example 2-hour schedule might look like this:
  • 5 minutes goal setting
  • 25 minutes writing
  • 5 minutes no-talking break
  • 25 minutes writing
  • 15 minutes talking break
  • 25 minutes writing
  • 5 minutes evaluating goals / planning next writing tasks

Some sessions run for about an hour, others are longer but most SUAW have some kind of timed schedule. The importing thing to remember is that when you’re writing there is no internet / no email / no talking / no mobile phone checking allowed.

3. Try to tell people about your event at least two weeks in advance

4. Remind people about your event at least two days in advance

Not sure you want to run your one on your own? Why not lead one of our monthly SUAW sessions? It’s a good opportunity to gain experience running a workshop and leading a group through a structured activity. What’s more, you can write you thesis! No emails, no meetings – just time set aside for you to write. Plus you’ll receive one of our new SUAW mugs and a coffee voucher for your help! Please email Dr. Eljee Javier (eljee.javier at for more information.