Political Perspectives Special Edition: Volume 8 Issue 2: The vector of austerity and the lost path to recovery: Implications for European integration and cohesion- OUT NOW

Never rains but it pours! The second issue of Political Perspectives within a week is out NOW! This special issue (Volume 8, Issue 2) is entitled “The vector of austerity and the lost path to recovery: Implications for European integration and cohesion” and has been edited by Albina Lindt of Goldsmiths, University of London.

This issue of Political Perspectives is aimed at reflecting on the politics of austerity in the EU as a response to the crisis under the aspect of how it has been shaped and distributed, thereby zooming in on two dimensions. The vertical axis explorers the adaption and distribution of austerity on national vs. supranational level. The horizontal axis is revisiting the distribution of austerity burden amongst member states, due to economic, political and populist considerations, devoting special attention to Germany and Greece. There are two distinctive features of this edition in their attempt to further explore the topic of austerity.

This edition contains the following articles:

Alternatively you can access it from the Political Perspectives Website by going to the following link: http://www.politicalperspectives.org.uk/2014/11/2014-volume-8-issue-2/

The last edition, entitled “Critical Politics in Times of Anxiety” can also be accessed via our website: http://www.politicalperspectives.org.uk/2014/11/2014-volume-8-issue-1/

Political Perspectives is a platform to showcase students’ work on different aspects of political sciences, everything from political theory to public policy, governance, and comparative and international politics. As the journal is entirely managed by PhD students (including submissions, reviewing and editing), there is a strong emphasis upon assisting in professional development. This includes the development of students’ research by giving constructive feedback on manuscripts, providing experience of the publishing process and assisting contributors to expand their research and publication profiles. If you would like to be involved as a reviewer for the journal or wish to put forward an idea for your own special edition, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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